Humber Chef's Table
Chef's Table Requisitions Form - Download ChefsTableRequisitions.xls
Cost Summary Sheet - Download CostSummarySheet.xls
Menu FINAL Eval Form - Download MenuFINALEval.xls
Menu Weight Sheet - Download MenuWeightSheet.xls
Production Time Sheet - Download Productiontimesheet.xls
Menu Part1 Eval Form - Download MenuPart1EvalLocked.xls
Current Product Price List - Download CulinaryCosting2012.xls
Conversion Sheet - Download ConversionsheetWeb.xls
Produce Percentage Yields - Download ProducePercentageYields.pdf

PS: All published spreadsheets (from the book or from the webpage) can be modified to your specifications. Please contact the writer regarding your needs and to enquire about costs involved.

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