First Course - The Right Customer
The "right customer" is the person entering the establishment knowing what to expect. This can easily be achieved by having the exterior appearance reflected in the theme and style of the establishment.

Posting the food and beverage menu, or selected offerings, and clearly displaying selling prices will allow the potential customer to make an informed decision. Selected photos of the interior will also help to promote the establishment and, hopefully, encourage walk-ins.

It can be an uncomfortable, and perhaps an embarrassing experience for a customer to be guided to a table, be seated, but upon receiving the menu, realizes the prices are out of his/her price range, or that the menu offerings do not meet his/her expectations. A customer's comfort zone can easily be defiled for a number of reasons, which include: unexpected, or lack of, desired offerings, a menu that is too expensive, the decor and seating arrangements do not conform to the customer's expectation, or the customer is uncomfortable with the appearance and demeanour of the staff. However, if the customer makes an informed choice of entering the establishment, and is satisfied with the "total dining experience", then the establishment may have gained a repeat customer - the back-bone of every foodservice business.

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